Sherry Zhao is a painter/graphic designer/microbiologist currently residing in Tampa with her dog, Georgia. After growing up in New Orleans, she studied art at Dartmouth College and the New York Studio School. In high school, she strived for technical precision and photorealism but developed a more painterly style in college.

During a Katrina Service trip, Sherry found meaningful subject matter in piles of debris, which had a sense of organized chaos that conveyed the collapse of a civilization. The experience fueled a series of irrationally discomforting landscapes with layers of ambiguous objects. As a result, Sherry became more interested in the abstractions of shapes and began the attempt to create complex spaces with subtle shifts in color.

While working as a microbiologist in Boston, Sherry found remarkable order in the natural world and was fascinated by the ability of bacterial colonies to form crystalline or other organized structures. Their regulation of growth in the presence of other bacteria leads to intriguing patterns, which Sherry has exploited in her art.

Sherry is currently in her third year at the USF Morsani College of Medicine and looks forward to seeing how medicine and art can complement one another in her life.





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